【CCMA & WTAA 2023】消融领域学术盛宴 CCMA&WTAA 阔别三年,重磅回归!




大会征文通知 Call for Papers





第五届肿瘤消融金陵高峰论坛CCMA 2023、世界肿瘤消融协会(WTAA)成立大会暨首届学术年会联合会议将于2023616-18日在南京举行。








此次征稿活动由CCMA & WTAA 2023国际学术委员会全程指导、组织评选,获评优秀的投稿作者将受邀向中外专家进行演讲或展示分享。期待您的参与,以思维碰撞火花,扬消融璀璨光彩!



CCMA&WTAA 2023国际学术委员会



Dear Experts,

Hello everyone!

The joint sessions of the 5th China Conference on Microwave Ablation (CCMA 2023), World Tumor Ablation Association (WTAA) Inaugural Meeting and 1st Annual Academic Conference will be held in Nanjing on June 16-18, 2023.

Due to the global epidemic, after an absence of 3 years, CCMA returns in the midst of much anticipation!With the continuous innovation of ablation theories and progress of ablation technologies, tumor ablation technologies have been increasingly attentioned and accepted, playing an important role in the treatment of tumor diseases.

In 2015, the first CCMA Forum was successfully held to demonstrate the most advanced technologies and theories of international tumor ablations in a systematic and large-scale manner for the first time, and share the latest global ablation achievements.After four sessions, it has become one of the most influential international events in the ablation field and has had a profound impact on the development of the industry.

The new conference will be co-organized with WTAA. WTAA is the world's first-class "ablation-focused" association promoted in China, which brings together top experts in the minimally invasive ablation field. It aims to encourage the study and development of minimally invasive ablation technology worldwide and make it more popular and widely used worldwide.

The call for papers will be guided by the CCMA & WTAA 2023 International Academic Committee, and the authors of the best submissions will be invited to give lectures or presentations to Chinese and foreign experts. We are looking forward to your participation to bring out the brightness of ablation!

Look forward to your participation! Be there or be square!

CCMA & WTAA 2023 Program Committee

March 2023


征文与投稿 Call for Papers and Submissions





This conference focuses on the field of thermal ablation and minimally invasive therapy. Presentations will be selected from submissions.

征稿主题 Abstract Subject







The latest research, new technology,and new findings on tumor ablation and endovenous ablation in the past two years;

Fundamental research on tumor ablation for tumor and varicose veins for tumor and varicose veins;

Clinical application,multicenter research, or related combination therapy of tumor ablation (microwave ablation, radiofrequency ablation,laser ablation,cryotherapy,IRE,HIFU,etc.)and endovenous ablation treatment,

Case sharing of combination treatment with ablation therapy;

Other clinical studies on the minimally invasive treatment of tumor and endovenous ablation.


 投稿要求 Submission Requirements




Submitter should be the first author;

Submission should be a 200-500 words abstract with a clear purpose, method, result, and conclusion, and/or a full article with 1500-3000 words

The abstract or article should be in English.


投稿方式 Submission Guidelines




Enter CCMA's official website (http://www.ccma-nanjing.com/) and submit online after registration for the conference;

Submit to the following email address: scb@njeco.com.cn. The email’s subject should be “submitter’s name + hospital and department + title of abstract”.

手术视频征稿 Call for Video Case




手术视频主题 Video Case Subject


Clinical operation of tumor ablation (microwave ablation, radiofrequency ablation, cryotherapy, HIFU, or other thermal ablation modalities) and endovenous thermal ablation.


手术视频要求 Video Case Requirements





You can submit an abstract of the case description or your operation video to us.

With abstract of case description, it should be within 200-400 words with title, purpose, method, result and conclusion of the case. The video should be within 7 min with a PDF file of case description. The submitted video should be in AVI format for afterward editing and modification.

The description or video case should be in English.

The submission should be original or get consent from the operator.


投稿方式  Submission Method



Submit to the following email address: scb@njeco.com.cn, and the email’s subject should be “submitter’s name + hospital and department+ title of submission”.


评选与公布 Selection and Announcement








The program committee of CCMA & WTAA 2023 will review and remark your submissions.

Thedeadline for the submission is May. 10, 2023.

The results will be released before May.30, 2023. Please enter CCMA website to check the results then.

After the submission is accepted, you will be notified via email or phone call. You may be asked to provide a slide in both Chinese and English at the appointed time.


入选与奖励 Acceptance and Rewards 




一、课题入选CCMA & WTAA 2023联合会议For Submissions Accepted for CCMA & WTAA 2023



You have the opportunity of

LectureWe will have sessions of Specialized Report, Case Sharing, Live Case, Video Case and Themed Salon, etc. for you to share your presentation to our international delegates in the meeting.

ExhibitionThe conference will have a specialized exhibition area for poster and video presentations which will be played in a continuous loop.

二、WTAA 2024参会及投稿推荐(Attending WTAA 2024 and Submission Recommendation



According to the evaluation of the Program Committee, specificsubmitters will be selected for attending WTAA 2024.

And specific submitters will get a recommendation to submit to WTAA 2024.


有机会获得WTAA 2024全程参会支持(Opportunity of Sponsorship of Attendance of WTAA 2024


四、成为CCMA肿瘤微波消融国际/国内培训班签约专家(Becoming speakers of CCMA International/Domestic Training Program on Microwave Tumor Ablation



According to the evaluation of the Program Committee, selected doctors can give lectures on both CCMA international and domestic training programs on microwave tumor ablation.


五、投稿稿件(含未入选本届会议授课/展示的稿件)将在全球肿瘤介入领域专家圈内进行分享(Abstracts Online and Offline Publication



2印制CCMA  2023联合会议学术成果集,在全球推广;


Abstracts will be shared on CCMA website.

Submissions will be printed and shared during CCMA 2023.

Abstracts will be shared among different academic groups.


六、提供外国进修学习的对接服务Providing Contact Service for Studying Abroad


盛况回顾 Event Recap




部分往届嘉宾 Part of Past Faculty




联系方式 Contact

国内Chinese Contact

联 系 人:鲍立、张霜

联系电话:13505192710/ 13675125767

邮      箱:scb@njeco.com.cn

Contact: Li Bao, Shuang Zhang

Mobile: 0086 13505192710, 0086 13675125767

Mailbox: scb@njeco.com.cn


国际International Contact

联 系 人:王忠良


邮      箱:scb@njeco.com.cn

Contact: Kelvin Wong

Mobile: 0086 13813862615

Mailbox: scb@njeco.com.cn